February at The Joy of Cheese

In three February events The Joy of Cheese will celebrate the best hard cheeses in New York City.  Cheddars, aged goudas, alpine cheeses, pecorinos and other fine examples of expertly aged cheeses paired with superb wine or craft-brewed beers.   Here are the details.

February 1 at 7:30 at d.b.a Brooklyn 113 North 7th St, The Joy of Cheese Presents Crunchy!  Fine Hard Cheese & Great Beers to Match

The very best firm cheeses have distinct tangy flavors and pleasantly salty finishes; they are almost perfectly suited to pair with a variety of beers.  At this event, I’ll present seven cheeses and Ray Deter, owner of d.b.a and host of Beer Sessions on Heritage Radio Network will present seven beers chosen to specifically the cheese.  Good times will ensue. Tickets are $25 ($20 if you enter the password Serious when buying online) at Brown Paper Tickets, https://www.brownpapertickets.com/onsite/event/145253

February 8 at 7:30 at The Clerkenwell, 49 Clinton St. The Joy of Cheese & The Classics at Clerkenwell Present Red, Red Wine.

Yes, actually, you can pair red wines with cheese.  It is harder to pair cheese with red wine than white ones due to the richness and complexity of flavors in most reds, but it can be done.  Please join us February 8 at 7:30 at Clerkenwell as we explore eight cornerstone hard cheeses that pair well with red wines.  I’ll discuss each cheese in terms of its geography, flavor profile, production style and of course why it pairs well with red wine. Tickets are $25 ($20 if you buy online and enter the password Serious) and available at Brown Paper Tickets, https://www.brownpapertickets.com/onsite/event/154010.

February 24 at 7:30 at Culturefix, 9 Clinton St., The Joy of Cheese Presents Red, White and Beer.

Alpine cheeses and pecorinos are especially versatile cheeses and in this edition of The Joy of Cheese Red White and Beer comparison series, we will take six (maybe more) fantastic cheeses, including some amazing sheep cheese from northern Italy and dense nutty cheeses both from Switzerland and the United States (and maybe France) and compare them to see what pairs best with what.  It all gets going Thursday February 24 at 7:30  Tickets are $30 ($24 if you buy online at and enter the password Serious) and available at Brown Paper Tickets, https://www.brownpapertickets.com/onsite/event/154017.

You can buy tickets with cash at the door (there is no “Serious” discount) just alert me of your plans at thejoyofcheese@gmail.com.

I hope to see you over some cheese.



About jmartin437

I've worked in and around the world of high end cheese for 27 years. I've been everything from a department manager who hired and fired and trained staffs to a weekend warrior who shows up ties on an apron the middle of a rush and talks to customers and cleans up the place. I enjoy it all, and I especially like my current situation conducting informal seminars about cheese at area bars and in class at the 92nd St. Y. The current schedule is always up at thejoyofcheese.blogspot.com. In addition I conduct private events that are perfect to lead off birthday parties for foodies and sommeliers and also they make great entertainment for corporate team building events and associates meetings at law firms. In addition, I've been a freelance journalist for 27 years. Currently my profiles of leading musicians and filmmakers appear in the Wall Street Journal and www.theroot.com. I also wrote about sports for the Root, and for five loooong years, which included the entirety of the Isiah Thomas Knicks era, I wrote about the NBA for the New York Sun. I enjoyed writing about basketball so much that I now do it here at rotations for free.
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