Better Red Than Dead Vol. 2

150wildspitzBack in March, Michael Whidden and I convened a class at the 92nd St. Y called Better Red Than Dead.  The premise was to show that the emerging bias in the wine world that red wines were impossible to pair with cheeses was wrong.  Through eight pairings, noted below, we succeeded.

Now, we’re doing it again.  Please join us Thursday evening November 21, as we present eight more great pairings of red wines with cheese.  Tickets are $40 and available via this link,

Oh yeah, this is how we did it last time.

Cheese: Adelegger, a crisp, nutty Bavarian alpine cow’s milk cheese.
Vaona Valpolicella Classico 11 (Veneto; Corvina 40%, Corvinone 30%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5%)   Intense red fruits; well-balanced with good acidity.
Cheese: Mastorazio, a firm, concise pecorino from Casa Madaio in Castelcivita Italy.
Chenu Savigny Lavieres 09 (Burgundy; Pinot Noir)  
Very fragrant when young and remains so with age, which is typical of this appellation. It makes a tender, elegant and pleasant wine when young due to its finesse. It gives off several aromas of red fruits and also violet.
Cheese: Camembert Jouvence, a thermalized milk edition of the French classic.
Bolzano Sta Magdalener “Huck am Bach” 11 (Alto Adige; Schiava 90%, Lagrein 10%) 
Ruby red, intensive aromas of ripe cherries, violets and almonds. Medium body, fruity taste.
Cheese: Pantaleo, a floral, sweet goat’s milk cheese from Sardinia.
Strehn Blaufrankisch 11 (Mittelburgenland)  
Meaty dark berry fruit, ripe cherries, violets and hints of cinnamon.  Full bodied, juicy fruit and well integrated acidity.  The tannins and long finish indicated a good aging potential.
Cheese: Harbison, a woodsy, bloomy rind cheese from Vermont.
Chateau Le Peyrat 09 (Bordeaux; 85% Merlot, 15% Cab Fr)
Ripe, oaky, truffley fruit complete with leathery finish.
Cheese, Fontina Val D’Aosta, an organic edition of the northern Italian classic.
Ercavio Tempranillo 10 (La Mancha) 
Aromas of dark fruits, black pepper, and even a bit of licorice. On the palate, the wine has gobs of blackberry and currant flavors balanced with wild herb undertones and lively acidity.
Cheese. Taleggio, another organic rendition of a northern Italian classic.
Cultivar Cabernet Sauvignon 10 (Napa Valley)  
High tones of mint, raspberry and minerals.  On the palate, this is a unique style of Cabernet focused on preserving purity of fruit, natural tannin and acidity. Fresh and food friendly, this bottle belongs on your dinner table.
Cheese, Cornish Blue, a new, light blue from Cornwall.
Granata Malbec Oak Cask 09 (Mendoza)  
Plums, blackberries.  Complex and pleasant. Good structure and long finish.

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I've worked in and around the world of high end cheese for 27 years. I've been everything from a department manager who hired and fired and trained staffs to a weekend warrior who shows up ties on an apron the middle of a rush and talks to customers and cleans up the place. I enjoy it all, and I especially like my current situation conducting informal seminars about cheese at area bars and in class at the 92nd St. Y. The current schedule is always up at In addition I conduct private events that are perfect to lead off birthday parties for foodies and sommeliers and also they make great entertainment for corporate team building events and associates meetings at law firms. In addition, I've been a freelance journalist for 27 years. Currently my profiles of leading musicians and filmmakers appear in the Wall Street Journal and I also wrote about sports for the Root, and for five loooong years, which included the entirety of the Isiah Thomas Knicks era, I wrote about the NBA for the New York Sun. I enjoyed writing about basketball so much that I now do it here at rotations for free.
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